Quality equipment since 1981

Established over 35 years ago, we developed Tubtrugs®, the first two-handled, super-strong flexible tub brand that is known and loved globally.

Trubtugs, trogtubs, tribtops, rugtubs…we’ve heard ‘em all. But there is a story behind the name Tubtrugs®.

After developing the beloved two-handled flexible tub, we didn’t know what to call it! And how do you sell a product without a name?

Everyone knows what a "tub" is, and our super-flexible, ultra-durable use-it-for-everything container obviously fit that description. However, our tub was more than just a "tub", so we left it to our milkman, Bigfinger. Yep, you read that right.

Bigfinger (called that because his hands are like a bunch of bananas) made a delivery as we were wrestling with this naming conundrum and gave us the word "trug". A trug is a shallow basket made of slats of wood used in England gardens. With a little glue and elbow-grease we fit the two words together, and voila! — Tubtrugs®!

What happened next?

After the success of the 'use-them-for-everything' tubs, we brought to life the Gorilla Tub®, a professional line for building and construction. To this day, we offer tools and equipment for seven trusted brands: Tubtrugs®, Gorilla Tub®, Gorilla Broom®, Gorilla Shovel™, Gorilla Bucket™, Tyre-Rubber™ & Wm. Faulks™. 

A lot has changed since our humble beginnings in 1981, but the quality has remained. Our products are now sold on 6 continents (our apologies if you live in Antarctica, perhaps you can have a loved one send you one).

The breakthrough moment

Instead of having numerous logos, on the 1st of January 2018 we became Red Gorilla™ - one strong entity that communicates quality and durability across the whole range.

From now on, all of our products have the same logo. This change will help you out find the most trusted products on shopping shelves.

We Love What We Do

It shows in our products, it shows in our service and it runs through every single part of our business.

We’re passionate about creating great products that you and your customers will love; then continually supporting you throughout the selling process to drive profit into your business.

We see ourselves as your partner and our customer-focused vision means we work hard at giving you incredible value for money as well as superb service and quality product.

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