Our World

Creators of the 1st Flexible Gorilla Tub

Our mission is simple - to give offer everyone (not just professionals), high-performance products that are built to last. 

Gorilla Grade is more than just a stamp of quality, it's our promise to professionally be the best we can be and offer the best we can offer to our customers.

Our brand values are driven by being RED:


Our mantra is "people first, business second". We pride ourselves in respecting each other, our suppliers and our customers. Only then will the business succeed.


Our passion for customer service permeates every aspect of our business. From point of sale to dispatch of the order, we strive collectively to impress our customers. 


"Our" Gorilla Grade underpins our pursuit of excellence in being the best in the marketplace.

We love what we do

It shows in our products, it shows in our service and it runs through every single part of our business.

We're passionate about creating great products that you and your customers will love; then continually supporting you throughout the selling process to drive profit into your business.

We see ourselves as your partner and our customer-focused vision means we work hard at giving you incredible value for money as well as superb service and quality products.

Over 35 years of experience defined under one strong Brand Promise

The Red Philosophy – Gorilla Grade

Our Core Principles

Gorilla Grade is an in-house standard to ensure that Red Gorilla products meet a quality management system (QMS) set of policies, processes and procedures designed to meet customer expectations.

These include 7 key principles:

People 1st
Our “Colleagues” are key to our success, & their wellbeing is of paramount importance.

Customer-focused products and services
We focus on the needs of our customers and supply innovative products that are built to last.

Leadership is a company-wide culture that empowers all to take responsibility in delivering quality.

Inclusive Supply
We consult everyone in the supply chain to maintain a 1st Class service & product.

Process approach
Our business uses LEAN operating systems throughout.

We have adopted a continuous improvement process for our business.

Evidence-based decision-making
We use data points to make informed business decisions.