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Red Gorilla

Gorilla Broom®

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The 50cm Complete Gorilla Broom® is designed to make your job easier. Built with unique features such as an integrated scraper blade, making removing ‘stuck bits’ even easier as well as; an anti-clog channel which cuts down flying dust for a clean sweeping action. The brooms extra-wide head means you can shift more with minimal effort. Performs well in a wet environment, as the non-porous polymer head and bristles soak 0% fluid.

  • Durable, high-density polypropylene head
  • Tough, extra-long high quality PET bristles
  • Steel handle with inlaid rubber grips


  • Features:Anti-clog Channel, Colour Match, Scraper Blade, Soaks 0% Liquid, Strong
  • Weight:1300g
  • Width:16cm
  • Length:147cm

More Information

Need to tame a tough mess outside? We’re not afraid to call The Gorilla Broom the best outdoor broom in the world.

Nothing is getting past you when you use this broom: with a triangular steel handle, high-density polypropylene head and high quality PET bristles, and a scraper blade as a built in part of the broom-head, it can handle any mess.

The Gorilla Broom is really a broom for every outdoor situation: it's lightweight, with a larger than normal span meaning it covers more ground. The rubber inlays in the handle mean it won’t slip – no more sore skin or blisters.

The high-quality construction of the Gorilla Broom means that it is durable and easy to use. Once you’ve used a Gorilla Broom, you’ll understand why we are so proud of it: the handle and head are joined together with a deep cavity lug and precision screw thread, giving it great balance and making it easy to use; and the unique anti-clog channel means your broom will keep performing no matter what you are clearing up. So whether you’re sweeping in your garage or garden, cleaning on a farm, boat or stable, don’t worry about your tool – you can count on The Gorilla Broom.

With more stubborn, stuck-on grime the Gorilla Broom comes into its own. The moulded scraper blade is positioned at the perfect angle to scrape the problem away. Once the problem has been attacked, flip the Gorilla Broom over to the extra-long bristles and effortlessly sweep away the rest of the mess.

The Gorilla Broom is unlike most outdoor brooms, which use wood in the construction. Wood soaks up moisture, causing cracking and eventually breakage. The Gorilla Broom uses waterproof steel, polypropylene and PET which means whether you’re cleaning up after the pets or your latest landscaping project, you can use it for every mess in any situation with the confidence of knowing your Gorilla Broom is tough and durable enough to handle it!

Add the Gorilla Broom to your cart – it’s the only broom you’ll need.


“I don’t know what I did before my Gorilla Broom! It makes cleaning my yard so easy, and it’s light enough my kids can use it too.”

“It’s so reassuring having a Gorilla Broom in the boathouse—I know the water and salt can’t damage it and it will be ready for action whenever I am!”

“The Gorilla Broom makes an appearance before all of my summer barbecues. The patio is clean in no time, and any spills later on are easily dealt with.”

    Gorilla Broom®
    Gorilla Broom®
    Gorilla Broom®
    Gorilla Broom®