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Red Gorilla

Tyre Rubber™ Deep Trough

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The Tyre Rubber Deep Trough is made from recycled tyres and is an ideal trough for animals. This trough is perfect for heavy duty and is strong, flexible and long-lasting. This Tyre Rubber Deep Trough holds up to 30L/6.6gal.

  • Made from 100% recycled tyre rubber
  • Heavy duty construction - strong & durable
  • UV proof, frost proof & non-toxic
  • Safe for horses & livestock


  • Features:Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Recyclable, Strong, Weather Resistant
  • Volume:30L
  • Weight:3800g
  • Width:38cm
  • Length:56cm
  • Height:22cm

More Information

The Tyre Rubber Feeders are a range of super strong heavy-duty containers. They’re made out of recycled tyre rubber, so they’re about as tough as it comes.

Tyre Rubber Feeders were originally designed to stand up to the demands of the agriculture and farming industries, where temperature extremes, harsh chemicals and strong animals are par for the course. Whatever you need to carry or store, this solid, dependable range is up for the job!

Tyre Rubber Feeders are perfect for feeding your livestock, and are used by farmers around the world. They come in a range of sizes and styles to suit every task, and they’re each made of recycled tyre rubber, strong, durable and environmentally friendly. Once you’re using a Tyre Rubber Feeder, it’s one less thing to worry about.

But Tyre Rubber Feeders aren’t just for farmers. In the garden and the garage, they’ll withstand whatever you throw at them. And they’re better for the environment than most conventional buckets or baskets, too. If you’re fertilizing the garden, cleaning the car or even going fishing, there’s a Tyre Rubber Feeder in the perfect size for the job.

And the hanging manger style of Tyre Rubber Feeder makes a fantastic window box planter as well! Simply hang it on a fence, balcony railing or gate, and you can plant your flowers in a sturdy, tough planter. Tyre Rubber Feeders are easily portable, too, so you can move your flowers wherever you’d like!

Add a Tyre Rubber Feeder to your basket and depend on getting the job done!

    Tyre Rubber™ Deep Trough
    Tyre Rubber™ Deep Trough
    Tyre Rubber™ Deep Trough